Our Programs



We started Pedal Forward with our Earn-A-Bike program. Through this program the kids come to the bike shop one day a week after school to participate in a series of classes. These classes range from character building, bike safety to learning how to repair & maintain your bike and more! After these classes are completed the kids earn their bike! Once the program is complete the kids can choose to continue to come to classes to earn points. With these points they can “purchase” accessories and items for their bikes!



We know that bikes are the way we were going to connect with these kids but, we want to give them other experiences outside of learning about bikes! This summer we are starting a “Summer Nights” program. Each week through the summer we will provide other experiences for these kids. These experiences include:

+Paint Nights with local artists

+Building bike lights & art education with Positive Fields

+Workshops with local builders



During the summer we offer free bike repairs! We set up our mobile bike shop (thanks to Goldens Bikes) at the Green Patch. Any one can come and receive free repairs on these nights! There are many different parts & equipment needed to make these repairs and they are only possible by our generous donors!