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One day Alex was down at Pioneer and he was pulling out of his parking spot when all of a sudden this kid on his bike slammed into the back of his truck. Alex rushed out of his truck thinking he ran this kid over. The kid immediately apologized. Alex just wanted to make sure he was okay. So he tied a t-shirt around his scrapped up leg & realized that his bike’s brakes weren’t attached. Alex helped him attach his brakes back & the kid went on his way. Alex came home, walked in the door, looked at me and said:

“We need to start a bike shop for these kids.”


As we have talked, sought counsel, and prayed like we never have before, God has placed a huge dream in our hearts for this community of Hogansville & the youth we come in contact with almost daily. One question we get more than anything when we talk about PF is...

“What is your plan?”


First and foremost, our prayer has been that God would teach us what it looks like to hold these dreams with hands open & in front of us & to allow God to mold it into whatever this community needs & to be okay when things take a different shape than we thought it was going to.

We exist to provide a place for local youth to hang out and create intentional relationships. This will be accomplished through teaching the basic skills of fixing & maintaining bikes. Our hope is to go much further than bicycle knowledge and to incorporate creativity, educations & integrity. We would love to see the bike shop evolve into so much more including an earn-a-bike program, mentorships, tutoring, classes for both the youth & parents, and eventually employment for local teens. We would love to have a place of our own that includes a wide open indoor space & some kind of outdoor space as well. Inside we would have our bike area where we would have several stations set up. In these stations kids could work on their bikes & participate in different classes that would be put on by local experts. These classes would include teaching these youth the anatomy of their bikes, fixing different problems, & how to take care of their bikes.

The other side of this space would serve as a drop-in center. We would love to have tables & chairs for kids to come in and do homework, projects & to get some free tutoring if they needed it. Maybe one day we would even be able to host GED classes for older teens/young adults who have dropped out of high school? WHO KNOWS! The possibilities are endless! We would love to see board games, art supplies, & ping pong tables come into the center as well. Our biggest desire is to be a SAFE place for our youth, to get them off the streets & out of trouble.

The biggest thing that is holding us back for this huge vision to take place is our 501(c)(3) which is an official non-profit status. Once we receive this status we can apply for grants & accept tax-deducible donations. We ARE accepting monetary donations right now but they are not tax deductible! We are estimating that our 501(c)(3) will cost about $1,000. In order to raise money for this we are selling t-shirts and all proceeds will go directly to our 501(c)(3)!

6-12months - 5T / $12 || XS-3X / $20

If you would like to place an order you can fill out the form below, email us, or call/text one of us personally! We are more than willing to ship t-shirts (will be an additional cost) or you can pick-up if you are local! We totally know God can do this and we want to invite you to be part of this amazing story & the amazing place we have found in HGVL.

If you want more information or learn how you can partner/volunteer with us, we would love to grab a coffee with you & tell you all that God is doing through this! Thanks for taking this journey with us, friends! We can’t wait to see it all unfold! 

Love, The Abrahams

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